In an effort to draw in new talent, Amazon will offer free” AI Ready” courses.

In an effort to draw in new talent, Amazon will offer free” AI Ready” courses.

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Steve Dent

While Amazon has been quietly working on AI across all of its divisions and even using AI-powered robots in its warehouses, OpenAI may take all the headlines. With the goal of giving generative AI training to two million people worldwide by 2025, the company is now launching a free program called” AI Ready” in an effort to draw in new talent.

The classes, which are made up of eight free courses, will also be available to non-Amazon employees through the learning website of Amazon. They will impart AI knowledge to students, including ChatGPT and other language models ‘ generative AI technology.

They are made for both new and seasoned users in technical and related roles. Five courses are intended for developers and technical audiences, while three are targeted at business and nontechnical users. In addition to the classes, Amazon also announced that it would be awarding more than 50,000 high school and university students from underrepresented communities worldwide with Udacity scholarships valued at over$ 12 million.

According to Swami Sivasubramanian, the VP of data and AI at AWS,” AI Ready” aims to level the playing field of AI education with the support of the new initiatives we’re launching here today.” ” We need to make AI education available to anyone with a desire to learn if we’re going to unleash AI’s full potential to address the most difficult problems in the world.”

Since the introduction of OpenAI’s ChatGPT virtual assistant, AI technology has been used for a while in fields ranging from medical research to retail customer support. There is a severe shortage of skilled programmers, technicians, and other professionals because the field is still in its early stages and systems are notoriously complex. According to Amazon, 73 percent of employers prioritize hiring AI-skilled talent, but only three out of four are unable to do so.

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Amazon stated that its goal is to “democratize” generative AI education, noting that the program will help business clients who are looking for candidates with quick engineering and other skills in addition to its own staff. As several courses, including Bedrock AI and Code Whisperer, a tool that generates code automatically, are based on AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) platforms, it may also be helpful to customers.



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