Some Marshalltown fire victims don’t feel safe in temp shelters provided by CoJ

In CoJ-provided temporary shelters, some Marshalltown fire victims do n’t feel secure.

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JOHANNESBURG- Due to the lack of locks on the doors, some Marshalltown fire victims who have recently been relocated to Denver’s corrugated iron shelters claim they do not feel secure.

A five-story hijacked building in Johannesburg’s inner city was destroyed by fire in August, killing 77 people and displacing hundreds.

The City of Joburg constructed 100 one-room corrugated iron buildings and a few restrooms on land intended to house impounded cars as temporary housing for the victims.

However, there is no electricity available, so the victims must use a single communal water source.

Although they have been informed that the arrangement is only temporary, a father of two who requested anonymity said he would n’t be shocked to remain there in the coming years.

” They have relocated us to shacks.” They are still being constructed in some cases. My child is only four months old, and we do n’t have electricity.

I had to cook yesterday using open fire techniques, and I worry that our homes will once more be reduced to ashes.

He did, however, say that he appreciates the shelters because it is his only option to go to the location where they are.

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