Shipping companies to start imposing congestion surcharges in December

In December, shipping companies will begin charging congestion surcharges.

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At the Port of Durban, there is a backlog of more than 70,000 containers that are still anchored offshore and awaiting processing.

According to Transnet, clearing will take about four months.

The shipping behemoth MEC has informed clients that a congestion charge for cargo will start to apply starting next month due to the backlogs, which are making it difficult to operate.

After longer berthing delays at their ports, Maersk is following suit. All dry containers from South Africa will now be subject to a congestion fee, according to the Danish company.

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Gavin Kelly, director of the Road Freight Association, claims that this undermines confidence in the nation on a global scale.

” Gift prices and transportation costs will all rise, and eventually there will be insurance costs because goods could be ruined or degrade.

There are more opportunities for theft.

Maersk dumped the cargo at a port last week due to the two-day cargo off-loading delay in Cape Town.

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