In December, tech CEOs will give testimony at a Senate online hearing on child sex abuse.

In December, tech CEOs will give testimony at a Senate online hearing on child sex abuse.

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The CEOs of significant tech companies will testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on online child sexual exploitation on December 6. The committee anticipates a voluntary testification from Shou Zi Chew, the CEO of TikTok, and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Additionally, it has issued subpoenas to the CEOs of X ( previously Twitter ), Discord, and Snap.

According to a joint statement from committee chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL ) and ranking member Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-SC),” Big Tech’s failure to police itself at the expense of our kids cannot go unanswered.” Durbin wrote on X,” I’m bringing Big Tech CEOs before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about their failure to protect kids online.”

JUST ANNOUNCED: At a hearing on December 6, the Senate Judiciary Committee will criticize Big Tech CEOs for failing to safeguard children.

CEOs of Discord, Snap, and X received subpoenas. The committee is still debating Meta and TikTok, and it is anticipated that their CEOs will voluntarily consent to testify.

November 20, 2023, Senate Judiciary Committee ( @JudiciaryDems )

The committee stated that X and Discord “required the committee to enlist the assistance of the US Marshals Service” to serve them personally because they refused to accept the subpoenas ‘ service on behalf of their CEO. Since safety is our top priority at X, we have been working in good faith to attend the Judiciary committee’s online hearing on child protection, according to Wifredo Fernandez, the head of the US and Canadian government affairs there. We are letting you know that we are now available to attend a hearing on this crucial matter. Discord has also been contacted by Engadget for comment.

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It is becoming more and more urgent to address the problem of tech platforms allegedly facilitating harms against children. Former Meta executive Arturo Béjar testified earlier this month that Zuckerberg did n’t respond to his email expressing worries about harms happening to kids on the company’s platforms. The CEO of the business was then questioned by senators about” senior executives ‘ knowledge of relating to the mental and physical health harms associated with its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.”



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