City to ramp up safety measures amid rising crime in tourist hotspots

In light of rising crime in tourist hotspots, the city will increase safety precautions.

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Regarding the installation of tourism safety monitors in Cape Town and other major transportation hubs across the nation, the City of Capetown is collaborating with the National Department of Tourism.

The City’s Mayco member for economic growth, Alderman James Vos, reports that Tourism Minister Patricia de Lille announced a R174.5 million initiative in August to train more than 200 youths—250 of them for hotspots in the Western Cape—as tourism monitors.

The deployment, which was originally scheduled for early November, has been moved to December 15, 2023.

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A recent scourge of crime in tourist hotspots has increased the need for efficient measures, and the City anticipates an influx of both domestic and foreign visitors to Cape Town this summer.

In order to stop this, Cape Town is launching its biggest ever festive tourism safety operation, sending workers to the CBD and Table Mountain National Park.

In shifts, more than 4,000 city police officers and emergency personnel will be on duty, with a focus on popular tourist destinations like Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, Devils Peak, Table Mountain trails, the Bo-Kaap, Waterfront, and the CBD.

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Cape Town Tourism, the city’s tourism marketing division, also provides a number of safety-related resources:

    TravelWise is a website that offers emergency contacts, safety updates, and advice.

  • The Namola App is a cost-free tool for tracking one’s location and making quick emergency responses.
  • The Band-Aid Program offers assistance to distressed visitors, including assistance with misplaced documents, a need for lodging in an emergency, and fraud-related issues. 021 487 6552 is the contact information available around-the-clock.
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Key locations, such as Cape Town International Airport, Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, and City Hall, will be accessible for assistance.

It is in our collective best interest to ensure the wellbeing of everyone who is traveling and taking in South Africa’s magnificent attractions. Alderman Vos concluded,” My team and I are prepared to collaborate with the National Department of Tourism and others to ensure that visitors to our nation only remember happy memories.”

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