Pick n Pay launches zero-waste store pilot in Stellenbosch

In Stellenbosch, Pick n Pay introduces a zero-waste store pilot.

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Retail company Pick n Pay has started a zero-waste supermarket pilot in Stellenbosch in an effort to cut down on waste in its operations.

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According to Businesstech, this store will test a net-zero waste model by transferring food waste to nearby farmers, composters, or waste-to-energy facilities. According to the group, FoodForward SA, a local non-profit that obtains edible surplus food from the supply chain and redistributes it to community organizations that help the poor, already receives all of the food that has outlived its sell-by-date but not out-of-use dates.

Pick n Pay intends to expand its nationwide stores to adopt the model if the pilot is a success. The idea will already be expanded to its distribution centers, according to plans. The retailer continues by saying that the pilot goes beyond reducing carbon footprints because it is a component of the larger idea of community-engaged environmental protection and conscious consumerism.

Pick n Pay diverted 62 % of food waste from landfills during the previous fiscal year through donations, preventing extra food from being thrown away. By 2030, the organization hopes to reduce food waste by 50 % thanks to these initiatives.

The Pick n Pay in Stellenbosch Square will host the pilot. About 600 kg of food waste are diverted from landfills each week by the store and supplier Farmers Angus. Food and organic waste will be separated from general waste and recyclables by the store’s staff.

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The group estimates that this will result in weekly carbon emissions savings of 1,500 kilograms, or 7,000 kilometers of emissions from a typical gasoline vehicle.

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Additionally, Farmer Angus will receive all food that is not donated for human consumption in separate bins. All food, excluding pork products, is covered by this. The retailer is promoting a composting option to achieve this.

” Food waste significantly increases carbon emissions. According to Steffen Burrows, Pick n Pay’s sustainability manager, the partnership with Farmer Angus will result in the pigs of the nearby store receiving expired food waste from landfills. This will effectively transform waste into a useful resource for farmers.

We effectively end the cycle of waste production and consumption by repurposing organic waste as animal feed. We stock Farmer Angus’ products on our shelves, which makes this project even more complete.

We want to use this pilot as a model for ongoing sustainability initiatives both inside and outside of our stores.

The farm’s pigs will benefit from a new, varied diet that includes everything from fruit and vegetables to expired doughnuts, according to Farmer Angus’ owner, who is also the owner of the farm.

No methane will be released into the atmosphere from the food waste because the pigs that consume it turn into cured meat sold in Pick n Pay stores and expired food is no longer dumped in landfills. The global warming potential of methane is 25 times greater than that of carbon dioxide.

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