Resurfacing roadworks have started in the Blouberg area

In the Blouberg region, resurfacing work has begun.

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Roadworks in the Blouberg area are being resurfaced by the Urban Mobility Directorate of the City of Cape Town. The construction will start on Monday, November 20, and end on Friday, December 1.

The roadwork will be completed from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, and from 7:30 a.m. to 5 o’clock on Saturdays.

The following roads will be impacted:
Between Sandown Road and Anchor Way, there is an anchor way.
Saxon Crescent and Sandown Road are separated by Winchester Road.
• Cabin Close, which is situated between Sandown Road.

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The following will be part of the resurfacing projects:
On Anchor Way, specific surface patches are milled.
• Restoring the road markings on these roads
• Resurfacing Winchester Road and Cabin Close, which will involve replacing the asphalt and milling the current road.
Rob Quintas, a member of the City’s Mayoral Committee for Urban Mobility, said,” We would like to thank road users for their patience while these works are underway. This project will improve the road network in their residential area.”
Residents can anticipate some noise pollution during this time, and road users are advised to take alternate routes if at all possible.

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