NCT warns of scams asking for donations amid week-long blaze

In the midst of a week-long fire, NCT issues warnings about scams asking for donations.

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Two woodchip stockpiles caught fire in Umhlathuze during a fire, which is how the scam started.

Read about the Richards Bay NCT Woodchip Mill’s” not emitting toxic fumes.”

The massive fire had been out for seven days as of Friday, and firefighters were working nonstop to put it out.

The stockpiles’ owner, NCT, claims that no such fund has been set up.

Danny Knoesen, the general manager of NCT, claims that” under all these circumstances, including crowdfunding start-ups and start claiming that they are collecting donations, and we have identified a couple of those, we are just trying to kill them.”

It is absurd that people would take advantage of these circumstances when we are not requesting donations.

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