In the midst of ongoing financial difficulties, X tests three paid subscription tiers.

In the midst of ongoing financial difficulties, X tests three paid subscription tiers.

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Lawrence Bonk

Bloomberg reports that X, formerly known as Twitter, is testing a trio of subscription tiers to help address its financial problems, supporting the persistent rumor that the company will add more paid services. Although there aren’t many specifics, it appears that these paid subscription options will affect how many advertisements you see on the platform.

Although the information has been leaking out for the past week, a developer and leaker with the X handle @ aaronp613 dug deep into the source code of the app’s most recent iOS update and found some details on these suggested subscription tiers. According to the Bloomberg report, it appears to be divided into Basic, Standard, and Plus. Standard users will only see half of the ads, which is equivalent to a current perk that is only available to those who spend$ 8 per month to receive an automatic blue check, while basic users won’t see the full amount of advertisements, labeled or not. Additionally, users won’t see any advertisements at all, giving them unrestricted access to any conspiracy theories that may be circulating online at any given time.

The price of these tiers is unknown to us. Meta may be charging users up to$ 17 per month for an ad-free experience on Facebook and Instagram, which is reportedly the same move it is making in Europe.

Nobody knows what additional benefits these subscription tiers would offer paying users besides the ad content, which the company hasn’t confirmed. Whether this suggests a push toward requiring subscriptions in order to use the service is still up for debate. It’s difficult to imagine what a free account would go through, though, given that the paid basic plan reportedly shows the amount of ads currently available. The ads twice? The ads three times? Elon Musk is visiting your house to accuse the Anti-Defamation League of being to blame for the company’s financial decline. The rumor that X was going full-on pay-to-play comes from an off-hand remark Musk made during a live-streamed conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, so anyone can guess what it is.

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Therefore, it doesn’t appear that Twitter / X is attempting to compel users to pay for the service in any way, but rather that it is still testing monetization strategies to see what sticks in its overall strategy to become the” everything app.” Let’s wait and see what other benefits the team concocts for the three suggested subscription tiers since it is difficult to imagine that a decrease in the frequency of ads would be sufficient to persuade many users to send one of the wealthiest men in their monthly stipend.

According to Bloomberg, CEO Linda Yaccarino recently informed bank lenders that advertisers are returning to the platform despite having smaller budgets. The US ad revenue for X, on the other hand, has decreased by 60 % year over year as of August, according to Reuters, which just reported that it has done so every month since Musk’s acquisition.



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