Iran rejects Israel accusations over ship seized by Yemen rebels

Israel is accused of seizing a ship, but Iran disputes this.

On Sunday, Iran-backed rebels in Yemen took control of the Galaxy Leader after threatening to attack Israeli ships in the waterway due to Israel’s conflict with Hamas there.

The ship “was hijacked with Iranguidance by the Yemenite Huthi militia,” according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office.

The Israeli accusations were “invalid,” according to Nasser Kanani, a spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, and “projection meant to escape from the situation they are facing.”

He said,” We have repeatedly stated that the resistance groups in the area represent their counties, make decisions, and act in their communities ‘ best interests.”

Kanani continued,” The Zionistregime ( Israel ) cannot accept that it lost a significant battle in Palestine and seeks to defend its loss by blaming the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Ray CarCarriers, whose parent company is owned by Israeli businessman Abraham” Rami” Ungar, is listed as the vessel’s “group owner,” according to maritime security company Ambrey.

Since gunmen stormed across the border on October 7, killing about 1,200 people, mostly civilians, Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip under Hamas rule, according to Israeli officials.

More than 13, 000 people, including thousands of children, have reportedly died in the small Palestinian territory as a result of Israel’s bombing campaign and ground invasion, according to the Hamas government.

Iran has praised the October 7 attacks as a” success” but denied any direct involvement. Iran is Hamas’s financial and military supporter.

It has repeatedly forewarned of a growing conflict, and earlier this month, Foreign Minister Hossein-Amir-Abdollahian claimed that the war’s escalation is “inescapable” due to its intensity.

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In an effort to prevent a larger war, the United States has sent two aircraft carrier groups to the eastern Mediterranean.

President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, insisted that the resistancegroups “are independent in their opinion, decision, and action” despite saying that Iran” sees it as its duty to support them.”

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