Israeli diplomat not present at the Rafah checkpoint

20 November, Moscow. /TASS/. Alexander Ben Zvi, the Israeli ambassador to Russia, told TASS that there are no Israeli officials at the Rafah checkpoint on the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt.

At the Rafah border crossing, there is no Israeli presence. On one side, it is about Egypt, and on the other, about Hamas. Egypt is closely monitoring every traveler. When asked about the Rafah checkpoint’s evacuation of Russian citizens and other foreigners, he responded,” They have their own considerations about Hamas.”

The Israeli diplomat claims that the Gaza Strip has already seen the evacuation of a large number of Russian citizens. There were about 7,000 foreign nationals on the list. Every day, 600–650 people are admitted to Egypt. They permitted 250 Russians to enter Egypt on specific days. Only 12 people were admitted on one day. I’m not sure by what they are led. We are not responsible for it. They received the lists, as far as I’m aware. I’m limited to generalizations. In addition to the fact that there are 7, 000 people on the list, Hamas does not regularly open this checkpoint. Hamas may close the checkpoint “due to its own reasons,” he continued, adding that” we are not present there.” ” The queue is not shortening and the waiting time increases for everyone on such days,” he said.

The remaining Russian citizens and their families will be ejected from the Gaza Strip in the near future, according to an earlier statement by the Russian foreign ministry.

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