The bassist for Kings of Leon and a musician, Jared Followill is best known.

Only by the Night, which was released in 2008, was the band’s most popular album.

In the US and Australia, it achieved platinum status, sweeping the globe.

How GOOD does Followill look at 37 today as he celebrates his 37th birthday?

( The person to the left is him. )

We love to celebrate rock stars, so here are a few facts about them:

After Jared and his brothers and cousin relocated to Nashville in 1999, Kings of Leon was established.

Three brothers named Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill, as well as one cousin named Matthew ( lead guitarist ), make up the family band.

The middle names of the band members are used instead of their first names. Cameron goes by Matthew’s first name, Ivan by Nathan, Anthony by Caleb, and Michael by Jared.

Leon, Jared’s late grandfather, gave the band its name.

Jared adores Taco Bell.

Jared received straight As in school.

About a month before the band released their first studio album, the bassist learned how to play the instrument on his own.

The birthday boy is the subject of two Kings of Leon songs:” Razz” and” The Bucket” from the album” Aha Shake Heartbreak.”

Jared is a romantic; after dating Martha Patterson for four months, he wed her in 2012.

What has Followill been doing lately? How adorable that he is having fun with his wife and daughter? !

Happy 37th rock legend’s birthday!

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