ANC apologises for using Justice Mandisa Maya’s image without her consent

Justice Mandisa Maya’s image was used without her permission, and ANC apologizes for it.

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JOHANNESBURG: The African National Congress ( ANC ) has issued an apology for using Mandisa Maya, the deputy chief justice, without her permission on a campaign poster.

This comes after Chief Justice Raymond Zondo’s office criticized the ruling party.

The ANC was not authorized to use Maya’s likeness, according to Zondo.

By showcasing how a woman can hold an office that is as senior as Maya’s, the ANC was attempting to advance its work on transformation, but the highest office in the land reprimanded the organization.

Maya is not a ANC or other party member, according to Zondo’s office.

According to the statement, the ANC’s action could damage the reputation of the office and jeopardize the judiciary.

The poster should be taken down from all online platforms where it has been published, the ANC was also advised.

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