Smooth start to voter registration at Durban’s King Shaka High School

King Shaka High School in Durban has a smooth registration process for voters.

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DURBAN- On Saturday, voter registration at Umlazi’s King Shaka High School got off to a good start.

Additionally, 30 minutes before the scheduled start time, Electoral Commission ( IEC ) representatives in the area opened. They had already registered 10 people by 8 a.m.

Later on Saturday, officials told Eyewitness News they anticipated seeing a lot of traffic at the station.


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Although they frequently encounter challenges, one of the officials, Nontsikelelo Mkhize, told Eyewitness News that they typically have effective solutions.

” These are the people we are working with. It has been a while. They are able to communicate effectively, and if there are any difficulties or it’s possible that someone ca n’t find their name here or that they have moved addresses, we will eventually find a solution to that.

Numerous political party representatives were camped out in front of the polling place at the same time.

To assess the situation, eThekwini Metropolitan Police officers also showed up.

To ensure a secure registration process, the government stationed 24, 000 security personnel throughout the province.


At King Shaka High School, the first voter declared that he would cast a ballot in 2024 to see change in his neighborhood.

Mthokozisi Gumede was anticipating the chance to be added to the list of eligible voters at 7:30 on Saturday morning.

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He expressed worry about service delivery problems to Eyewitness News.

Gumede hoped that his vote would bring about the necessary change for him and his neighborhood.

IEC officials discovered him waiting to register despite the fact that he only lives a few kilometers from the station.

Gumede claimed that he wanted to vote in this way.

My complaints were n’t heard this year. As a voter, I want to see some movement when I voice my concerns about the water and electricity challenges that are also trending in this area. They should take care of it, please.

Residents also had to deal with water shortages and electricity problems, and Umlazi was particularly hard hit by the floods in April 2022 and is still recovering.

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