Joburg EMS continues with Kliprivier recovery efforts

Kliprivier’s recovery efforts are being continued by Joburg EMS.

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On Tuesday morning, JOHANNESBURG’s Johannesburg Emergency Management Services ( EMS ) will continue its recovery efforts in Kliprivier.

This comes after a cleansing ceremony on Saturday night resulted in the washing away of two people by strong currents.

The couple’s families, an 18-year-old woman and a 21, watched the recovery procedures on Monday in the hopes of locating their loved ones.

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In order to find the missing duo, EMS vowed to use all of their resources.

Recovery efforts were put on hold for the day on Monday due to the overflowing body of water.

Robert Mulaudzi, a spokesman for the Johannesburg EMS, said,” We want to give the river streams permission to flow so we can explore.”

Despite the South African Weather Service’s Tuesday warning of intense heat, Mulaudzi stated that the team would still continue its search.

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