Kyle Vogt, CEO of Cruise, resigns.

Kyle Vogt, CEO of Cruise, resigns.

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Richard Lai

Kyle Vogt, co-founder and CEO of Cruise, has announced his resignation. The 38-year-old executive said,” The last 10 years have been amazing,” and he reminded us that” the startup I launched in my garage has given over 250, 000 driverless rides across several cities,” in his X announcement. Vogt intends to take a break first to “explore some new ideas” before moving on to his next task. Justin was one of the video platforms that Vogt had previously co-founded. Twitch, Socialcam, and TV.

Mo Elshenawy, the Executive Vice President of Engineering at Cruise, has been named President and CTO of General Motors ‘ robotaxi subsidiary, according to TechCrunch. The open CEO position has not been filled.

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After General Motors appointed Craig Glidden, its own Executive Vice President of Legal and Policy ( and a member of the Cruise board ), as the company’s Chief Administrative Officer last week, Vogt resigned. Glidden is now in charge of Cruise’s legal, communications, and financial teams.

Although General Motors is still conducting an expanded safety investigation into the infamous freak accident with the assistance of an independent engineering consulting firm, it has not yet appointed a permanent Chief Safety Officer. A female pedestrian was struck by a human driver in the collision on October 2 and was thrown into the Cruise robotaxi’s path, which eventually ran her over and dragged her 20 feet. Cruise’s 950 robotaxis fleet is still being affected by the suspension of both autonomous and manual vehicle operations.

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