Cape Town dubbed leading African city for climate action

Leading African city for climate action is Cape Town.

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The City of Cape Town recently announced that Mother City is the only African city to have received an A-rated rating for climate action and transparency in 2023, adding to its ever-growing list of accolades.

The Carbon Disclosure Project ( CDP ), a global non-profit organization that oversees the global environmental disclosure system for states, cities, and businesses, has published the 2023 Cities A-List.

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The CDP has been in existence since 2018 to honor cities ‘ contributions and dedication to their fight against climate change, and the City has continued to be on the A-list every year since 2019.

The CDP assigns cities an A to a D based on the annual disclosure of their climate change response, according to the City. How well cities are controlling greenhouse gas emissions and adjusting to climate risks is shown by the score.

A city must have a published climate action plan, an emissions inventory for the entire city, and disclosure of its climate actions through the CDPICLEI Track in order to receive an A. In order to show how it will combat climate hazards, the city must also finish an assessment of its climate risk and vulnerability and set a goal for climate adaptation.

Only 13 % of the more than 930 cities scored were given an A, according to records.

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The City affirmed its position as Africa’s top city for climate action in response to the A-List rating.

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We have pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 on a policy level, the City stated. Our Climate Change Strategy and related Action Plan, which paved the way for this objective, include this commitment.

According to the City, achieving carbon neutrality entails implementing new technologies to eliminate the sources of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming while advancing our social, economic, and environmental objectives.

The City also stated that the international investor community and financial institutions, which invest in relation to this level of climate action transparency, receive a significant signal from its A-List rating.

The City added,” Investor confidence is essential for delivering on our R120 billion 10-year infrastructure portfolio, which includes significant climate action projects to build energy and water security.”

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