Lower intl product prices given as reason for predicted December fuel price drop

lower intl product prices are cited as the cause of the anticipated fuel price drop in December.

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JOHANNESBURG- The anticipated decrease in fuel prices for December has been attributed to lower international product prices.

According to unaudited Central Energy Fund data compiled by the Automobile Association ( AA ), the price of both grades of gasoline has decreased between R1.05 and R006. Diesel is anticipated to have decreased by two rands.

After three consecutive months of rising fuel prices, gasoline prices fell in November.

According to the Automobile Association, South Africans will experience yet another drop in fuel prices if global product prices stay the same for the remainder of the month.

According to data from the Central Energy Fund, the anticipated price cut has also been significantly influenced by a steady rand against the dollar.

Currently, the cost of both grades of gasoline and diesel is over R23 per liter.

As people across the nation get ready for the December holidays, the association claims that this will provide relief to South Africans who are cash-strapped.

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