International Men’s Day brings male suicide into focus

Male suicide is brought to light on International Men’s Day.

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City Health encouraged men to take advantage of the health services offered to them yesterday as many nations observed International Men’s Day.

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According to statistics, this group still has a severe lack of overall service access.

The many problems that men deal with, such as abuse, mental illness, and health, are highlighted on International Men’s Day.

Zero Male Suicide, which focuses on assisting men and boys in managing their mental health, is the theme for International Men’s Day 2023.

The World Health Organization reports that in South Africa in 2019, there were 13 774 recorded suicide deaths, 10 861 of which involved men.

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Three clinical psychologists currently work at City Health’s 15 locations, including Wallacedene, Wesbank, Dr. Ivan Toms, Fish Hoek, Gugulethu, Langa, and Kuyasa.

Just under one-third of customers who use the service in the last 12 months are men.

The statistics regarding general healthcare continue to be problematic.

Only 27 % of the total headcount at primary healthcare facilities is made up of men, according to City Health records from the previous three years. 32 % of patients were treated for hypertension, while a third received treatment for diabetes.

According to Councillor Patricia Van der Ross, a member of the mayoral committee for community services and health,” These statistics are symptomatic of an ongoing challenge that we face in our bid to get more men access to crucial primary healthcare services.”

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Healthy people are the foundation of healthy families and communities. As a society, we must begin to alter the narrative. It is perfectly acceptable—indeed, it is encouraged—for everyone to be aware of their health status, seek assistance if they are having trouble coping with life’s stresses and strains, and use the available life-saving services.

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In response to the growing burden that many of our residents are carrying, The City established mental health services. Statistics show that men are three times more likely than women to commit suicide in our country.

” We’ve also opened eight substance abuse treatment facilities since 2007. For the love of themselves and their families, I implore the men in our communities to fully utilize any services they may require and to receive routine physical health exams.

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