Malema, EFF members walk out of disciplinary hearing related to SONA disruption

Malema and EFF members leave SONA disruption-related disciplinary hearings.

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Julius Malema, the leader of the Cape Town Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF), and other members of his party left their disciplinary hearings earlier this year for interfering with the State of Canada Address ( SONA ).

They would n’t be subjected to what Malema referred to as a “kangaroo court,” he declared.

He and five other EFF MPs have been accused by Parliament of disrupting President Cyril Ramaphosa’s February speech by storming the stage.

Malema and the EFF’s defense also requested a postponement of the disciplinary hearings, which were still taking place on Monday.

The EFF’s request to have the matter moved up to the following year was denied by the powers and privileges committee in charge of the disciplinary hearings.

A request to have a retired judge hear the case first was also rejected by the committee.

Malema called Parliament-appointed initiator, Advocate Anton Katz, a “DA lawyer,” and demanded that his attorneys leave the proceedings after objecting to the committee’s decision.

We wo n’t consent to appearing before this white man and this kangaroo court, and no white person will persecute the EFF.

Katz, however, asserted that Malema and the EFF could not attend the hearings.

The investigation will continue without him, and unfavorable findings may be made, so such an employee must be ready to accept the consequences of that.

Masibulele Xaso, the secretary of the National Assembly, testified before the committee, which is scheduled to meet on Tuesday.

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