Parly wants Malema, 5 other EFF MPs barred from attending 2024 SONA

Malema is wanted by Parliament, and five other EFF MPs are prohibited from attending SONA in 2024.

Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu, and four other Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF ) MPs are prohibited from attending the State of the Nation Address ( SONA ) the following year by Parliament.

On Tuesday, the six EFF MPs ‘ disciplinary hearing went on for a second day, and the hearing’s initiator submitted his or her final arguments to the powers and privileges committee.

After storming the stage during SONA in February and posing threats against President Cyril Ramaphosa, the EFF MPs have been accused of disdaining Parliament.

The EFF left the hearings on Julius Malema’s orders, but the disciplinary hearing went on as scheduled on Tuesday.

Members of the committee questioned Advocate Anton Katz, the hearing’s initiator, about potential penalties for the EFF and its leaders.

Katz stated that the members had to be suspended for ten days, including the day of the SONA, as a message was sent out stating that it was an important event.

In order to suspend the affected members for those ten days with or without compensation, we submit that an appropriate sanction, 12.5G, would be for the six members who are affected to miss out on SONA 2024.

Katz claimed that it was obvious that SONA was not taken seriously by the group.

He also informed the committee that, despite leaving on Monday, the EFF had asked to submit written arguments on the case’s merits by Tuesday night.

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