Mayor, Transnet to meet over congestion at Richards Bay port

Mayor, Transnet will meet at Richards Bay port to discuss traffic congestion.

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We’ve been holding meetings where problems are brought up for a very long time. Ngwezi adds that the situation has had a significant negative impact on the municipality and its finances,” So I think it’s reached the point where I’m saying now I ca n’t take any more.”

Due to the city’s daily deployment of officers at the N2 entry point, he claims that the R4 million in funds set aside for traffic officer overtime in July were depleted.

In an effort to restore order, Transnet has since halted processing trucks that bring coal into Richards Bay.

According to Ngwezi, the city’s attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the government agencies in charge of ports and rail infrastructure as well as the state-owned logistics company.

Additionally, the government has threatened legal action due to truck congestion in Richards Bay.

” We’ve lost money,” We ca n’t keep losing lives and money. I really ca n’t because the environmental factors surrounding this issue have an impact on our region.

Transnet, in Ngwezi’s opinion, will offer long-lasting solutions.

” Compliance is all we require. It is obvious what the port is supposed to do because I cited the National Ports Act. To avoid the situation we are in now, the port must act in accordance with what the law mandates.

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