Popcru members to protest over police killings

members of Popcru to voice their opposition to police killings

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The attacks have been compared to an officer war by the police rights union.

In the most recent incident, a jewelry gang shot down SAPS Sergeant Riyadh Adams on Sunday night outside Westville’s Pavilion Shopping Center, killing him instantly.

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Three police officers have been killed in the province over the course of a week, according to Popcru’s KZN spokesperson Nthabeleng Molefe.

She claims that a picket will be held outside Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court to allow suspects in another police murder case to post bail.

We are deeply saddened by the increase in police officer fatalities. We’re furious, and we do n’t want police killers to be released on bail. Additionally, we want to make it clear that treason should be brought against those who are currently facing police killing charges.

Killing a police officer is equivalent to overthrowing the government.

Additionally, read about the Pavilion robbery, in which a police officer in Durban was allegedly “dedicated.”

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