Microsoft creates its own AI research team by snatching Sam Altman and former OpenAI coworkers.

Following the confirmation of Altman’s firing by OpenAI, CEO Satya Nadella announced in a post on X that Microsoft has swooped in and hired him and Greg Brockman. To “lead a new advanced AI research team,” the pair and their coworkers are joining Microsoft. Microsoft “remain]s ] committed to our partnership with OpenAI, Nadella continued, but the move appears to be a huge bet on that investment. Additionally, it implies that Microsoft may be absorbing a large portion of OpenAI’s talent, which could impede the latter ‘ development of its popular ChatGPT product.

Just after it was suggested that Altman might rejoin OpenAI after his abrupt firing on Friday, the appointment was made public. Prior to that, OpenAI employees, many of whom shared their hearts on social media, showed their support for Altman.

However, in a somewhat unexpected turn of events, negotiations between the parties broke down, and OpenAI later announced that Altman ( and co-founder Greg Brockman ) would not be returning. Emmett Shear, a co-founder of Twitch, was chosen to serve as the company’s new CEO.


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