‘The change we want’: Milei supporters elated in Argentina

Milei supporters in Argentina exclaim,” The change we want. “

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BUENOS AIRES- On Sunday, thousands of fervent supporters of Argentina’s president-elect Javier Milei marched through Buenos Aires waving yellow flags depicting lions, the emblem of the wild-haired libertarian.

In support of Milei’s strategy to switch from the country ‘ erratic peso to the US currency in an effort to stop inflation, the flags were being sold” for two dollars.”

A nod to the tool Milei carried around during his campaign and vowed to cut government spending was given by one supporter, who was dressed as a lion, and another who had an improvised chainsaw on his head.

” Freedom!” ” Freedom!” Before moving toward the iconic Obelisk monument, a sizable crowd gathered at Milei’s campaign headquarters.

Milei, a 53-year-old economist and political newcomer, upset Argentine politics by overthrowing the traditional parties that had held power in recent decades. Voters punished him in the midst of an unrelenting economic downturn.

” I’m content and hopeful.” A change was required, according to 34-year-old architect Nicolas Paez, who is wearing the blue and white Argentine flag over his shoulders.

He continued,” I really did n’t think he would win, but the youth changed everything.”

Supporters posed for pictures in the crowd with a man who was dressed in Milei’s mask, black suit, and dollar bill-printed tie.

A confusing variety of exchange rates have resulted from the government’s strict control over the peso and access to money in recent years.

I’m worried that my father wo n’t be able to pay his rent, not Milei. I firmly support the economy’s dollarization. Juan Ignacio Gomez, a 17-year-old high school student who came by himself to celebrate Milei’s victory, claims that the Argentine peso is no longer worth anything.

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Sergio Massa, the long-dominant Peronist coalition’s economy minister, was defeated by Milei.

” This nation’s peronism is a cancer.” We’ve had enough already. It is associated with poverty, according to 50-year-old author Nacho Larranaga.

Although Milei is a stranger, he is better off insane than thieving.

Miguel Besnador, a 57-year-old refrigerator repairman, is certain that Milei will end the current financial crisis.

He acknowledges that “dollarization wo n’t occur right away because we lack dollars, and inflation will not decrease in two days.” But occasionally, in order to rise, you must first reach your lowest point.

The populist Peronist movement, which was well-known for its generous welfare program and sizable subsidies, was crushed in Massa’s camp.

Argentina is “like that,” hugging the dictator when you least expect it. Then it cries,” said 55-year-old metallurgist Diego Avellaneda.

Camila Velaron, 20, exclaimed,” We’re going to come back in four years to rebuild the pieces of the country they’ll leave behind.”

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