Minister Cele accused of being raid-focused instead of tackling serious crimes

Minister Cele is charged with raiding rather than addressing serious crimes.

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DURBAN- According to residents of Newlands East in Durban, the police have ignored significant criminal activity there.

When Police Minister Bheki Cele oversaw an Operation Shanela raid on Friday night, some locals were incensed.

They claimed that rather than dealing with drug dealers and murderers, the minister was only concentrating on raids.

Police shut down five illegal shebeens in areas north of Durban just after one in the morning on Saturday.

KwaMashu, the location of the most recent cash thefts, was one of them.

However, things changed in Newlands East, where fights broke out between locals who disobeyed police orders to leave an illegal tavern.

Cele, however, declared that he would not permit unlawful drinking.

” There is no legality- nothing that is within the law in this place because the majority of the children and even the adults you see here are young people underage.”

Police are prepared to raid drug dealers in linked areas.

Should they be identified, Cele claimed the men and women in blue were prepared to raid locations connected to drug dealers.

This followed the raid on Friday night.

He urged the neighborhood to inform the police of any local criminal activity.

” People are here because they had information and gave it to the police.” We would be delighted to learn if they have any additional information, and the police, as you can see, will respond.

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