Mixed feelings in Parliament on suspension of diplomatic ties with Israel

Mixed opinions in Parliament regarding Israel’s suspension of diplomatic ties

In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the EFF introduced the proposal.

Only the Israeli people’s adversaries, according to ACDP leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, would support the motion.

” The ACDP rejects the EFF’s request to halt all diplomatic ties with Israel and shut down the Israeli embassy in South Africa.”

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” South Africa needs Israel much more than Israel needs South Africa,” according to the EFF.

South Africa is in need of many things. We run the risk of developing diplomatic tensions without Israel, which could obstruct regional communication channels.

According to Ahmed Shaik Emam of the National Freedom Party, Israel’s embassy in South Africa needs to be shut down right away.

The land actually belongs to the Palestinians, in actuality. The Palestinians welcomed and treated the Jews with love and respect when they were dispersed throughout the world.

” This embassy must be shut down. We need to immediately stop it and remove the ambassador.

Let’s look for those who were involved in the atrocity and present them to the ( International Criminal Court.” Break all ties until Israel’s barbaric state is ready to sit down and negotiate, and do n’t worry about any additional sanctions.

The motion received support from the ANC.

The Deputy Minister and the Minister of DIRCO both made it clear that the ANC does not condone what occurred on April 7th.

It is incredibly disproportionate that 11, 000 women and children have been murdered.

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