Wheelchair tennis star Mudzanani hopes to make a difference with his NGO

Mudzanani, a wheelchair tennis player, wants to impact his NGO.

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National Disability Rights Awareness Month is observed annually between November 3 and December 3 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Disability Awareness Month, according to the government, gives us all a chance to remove these obstacles and enhance the quality of life for those who are disabled.

Ronewa Mudzanani remarked,” I feel so good knowing that I am a part of South Africa that is doing something good for those who are living with disability,” as someone who has experienced disability and has served as an inspiration to many young people through my tennis career.

Wheels life changer is an NGO that the wheelchair tennis player from Limpopo’s rural village of Vhuri has founded. He talks to Eyewitness News about the change he wants to bring about in places like his hometown.

It was difficult for me to grow up in a rural area where I was disabled. Because I was unique compared to other kids, I did n’t enjoy my childhood. My loving parents, who took me to boarding school when I was six years old, raised me.

Mudzanani and his team at Wheels Life Changer are determined to change society, and they can see how far they have come.

” As a company, it makes us happy to know that we are accountable for giving someone with disabilities and hope who previously felt hopeless.”

All Mudzanani wants, according to him, is for people with disabilities to be treated fairly, given access to employment opportunities, and given educational opportunities.

” Rural areas are the main target of our efforts.” Because they are the most vulnerable and typically cannot afford to provide the necessary support, the majority of children in rural areas with disabilities come from low-income backgrounds and are hidden by their families.

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Mudzanani received a nomination for the Limpopo Sports Awards in 2016, where he took home the top honor. Tennis South Africa then took an interest in him and chose him for the quad class of the national team.

At the 2021 BNP Paribas World Team Cup in Alghero, Sardinia, the tennis player competed for South Africa’s quad wheelchair tennis team, winning bronze.

Now that tennis has altered my life, it’s time to alter the lives of others. Tennis will always be my career’s defining moment.

The athlete claimed that the doctor initially failed to recognize his spinal issue when he was born. He was supposed to start walking, but he was unable to do so. It was n’t until then that it was noticed.

The majority of those who are disabled rely on disability grants, which is insufficient. Due to their inability to purchase tools that could make their lives easier, many people today live in rural areas and simply sit around doing nothing. An electronic wheelchair is necessary for someone’s survival, but because it costs money, they are currently doing nothing while sitting at home.

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