Operation Restore confiscates over 6000 lobster tails near Cape Town

Near Cape Town, Operation Restore seizes more than 6000 lobster tails.

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On Sunday, five alleged poachers were detained near Macassar for possessing a sizable amount of West Coast rock lobster illegally.

According to Western Cape provincial management,” Poaching of marine resources poses a serious threat to the nation’s economy and encourages the commission of other serious crimes, including drug trafficking.”

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A unit from Operation Restore was conducting an intelligence-driven operation at a checkpoint on the N2 at around 7:30 p.m., according to police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie.

Police officers removed the white Ford Ranger from the road on the N2 in response to information about the trafficking of crayfish in a flatbed tow truck headed for Cape Town.

The occupants of the car started to act suspiciously anxious, prompting a search.

X in the image: @SAPoliceService
X in the image: @SAPoliceService

Five cell phones, a Ford Ranger LDV, 6069 lobster tails, and 397 West Coast rock lobsters were found and seized during the search, according to Pojie.

” Officers associated with DAFF are still to determine the estimated value of the seized lobster,” he continued.

The suspects, who are between the ages of 25 and 30, were detained and are scheduled to appear in court after being charged.

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