‘We are committed to dealing with the TRC cases’, NPA tells MPs

NPA informs MPs,” We are committed to handling the TRC cases. “

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission ( TRC ) cases have been pursued, according to the National Prosecuting Authority ( NPA ), which is located in Cape Town.

Despite losing at least ten prosecutors who had been assigned to these cases over the previous year, this is still the case.

However, the NPA’s progress update on Tuesday left the Parliamentary justice committee unimpressed and lamented the lack of specifics in each case.

128 cases of murder, torture, and kidnapping from the apartheid era are currently being looked into by the NPA.

Seven TRC cases have been resolved by the NPA, and ten more are still pending in court.

According to Rodney de Kock, the deputy national director of public prosecutions, prosecutors have had to come up with creative ways to reconstruct a crime scene and present new evidence using experts when there is n’t any already available.

De Kock is offended by Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF ) MP Busisiwe Mkwhebane’s implication that there is n’t enough commitment to these cases because the majority of the victims are black.

” For me personally, and for the NPA across all of our regions, this is an absolute priority.” Any claim that the victims ‘ race played a role in this case should be disproved right away. We’re dedicated to handling the TRC cases.

However, the committee requests another report-back session with more information on each case and the victims ‘ families.

Dumisa Ntsebeza, a seasoned advocate and former TRC commissioner, has been commissioned by the NPA to conduct an evaluation report on the organization’s approach to handling tRC cases.

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