NUM distances itself from Blyvoor Gold Mine sit-in

NUM keeps its distance from the Blyvoor Gold Mine.

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The National Union of Mineworkers ( NUM) has distanced itself from a plot where more than 800 workers staged sit-ins at the Blyvoor Gold Mine outside of Carletonville.

As tensions over a labor dispute rise, dozens of workers have been working underground since Wednesday morning.

More than 800 Blyvoor Gold Mine workers are seated underground, according to the article.

The mine should give NUM organizing rights and end the current closed shop agreement, according to the workers.

The in-house union, Blyvoor Workers Union, has exclusive bargaining rights at the mine under the terms of the current contract with the business.

For the upcoming December holidays, they are also requesting that management issue bonuses and thirteenth checks.

Sfiso Mbamali, the regional coordinator for NUM, claimed that my management has not communicated with employees to address their complaints.

It’s not a hostage situation, they say. While seated in our office, we received information. We just got a call, so we have no connection to that sit-in in any way. Then, despite our union’s claims to represent workers in Carletonville, we were unable to remain silent while there were underground workers.

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