Funding model to cover ‘missing middle’ at least 10 years away – Nzimande

Nzimande, a funding model, will cover “missing middle” at least ten years from now.

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A comprehensive funding model to address the “missing middle,” according to CAPE TOWN Higher Education Minister Dr. Blade Nzimande, is still years away.

Students who are still unable to afford higher education but are not eligible for financial aid under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme ( NSFAS ) are considered the “missing middle.”

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According to Nzimande, the Cabinet is making progress in reaching out to this underfunded group of students, but a study suggests that this strategy would take at least ten years.

According to Nzimande,” they presented that it will take us perhaps ten years to transition to a fully comprehensive student funding model.”

Nzimande added that the Cabinet has begun the funding gap-reduction process.

According to Nzimande,” I’m very happy that the Cabinet has just approved what I’d call the comprehensive student funding model’s next phase, focusing particularly on meeting the needs of the missing middle as from 2024.”

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