Only musicians can use TikTok’s new profile tools.

Only musicians can use TikTok’s new profile tools.

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Malak Saleh

The Artist Account on TikTok offers up-and-coming musicians new ways to curate their profiles in ways that increase discoverability. Established pop icons can also add an artist tag to their profiles, giving their music its own tab next to videos, likes, and reposted content, making the new set of tools suitable for more than just rising stars.

TikTok claims that you must upload at least four sounds or songs to the app in order to be eligible for an artist tag. One of the songs that artists pin can also be displayed first in the music tab. The app will mark songs as “new” for up to 14 days before and 30 days after they go live if a musician drops new content. A profile’s music tab will automatically update with any new tracks.

According to TikTok, the new tools are already being used by over 70,000 artists. Due to the quick pace of dance and lifestyle video trends, the app has proven to be a breeding ground for content to go viral for both new artists and established music producers. Even streamers like Spotify have considered experimenting with video-first music discovery feeds as a result of TikTok’s enormous influence on the music industry.

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