OPINION: When is the right time to put up your Christmas Tree?

OPINION: When should you decorate your Christmas tree?

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The timeline for decorations seems to be getting shorter every year.

We must admit that the malls and shopping centers serve as a cue or reminder to get ready for the upcoming celebration when they decorate for special occasions.

However, Stacey and J Sbu ask KZN when it is appropriate to erect your Christmas tree as the holiday season draws near and there are only 35 days left until Christmas.

Naturally, as soon as we see the decorations and hear the joyful music, the anticipation begins to grow.

But is there a proper protocol for planting your tree too early?

Given that it offers some general context from people in other countries, we found some interesting Reddit input on the subject that we wanted to share.

Evidently, having any decorations up after 12th night is unlucky in the United Kingdom because so many people remove them at that time.

It was n’t always that way, though. Decorations remained up until Candlemas ( 2 February ) before the Victorian era. Although the Christmas season may have been cut short, the Victorians still provided us with Christmas trees, so there should be no resentment. ( Reddit )

Many people agreed that they typically plant their trees in the first week of December and remove them the following week.

Many people, like us, thought it was a lovely way to enjoy the holiday spirit by putting the decorations up early. However, many Reddit users claimed they would n’t plant their trees too early because they use fresh trees and the tree would dry up if they did so because the community is primarily international.

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