Our Top 10 stories of the week

Our week’s top ten stories

We’re making sure you never miss a Cape Town opportunity and keeping you informed as usual. The top ten stories of the week are as follows:

10. A 24-year-old from Landeronde, France, named Valentin Gain has just finished a 16-month journey that took him more than 12 400 kilometers on foot to get to Cape Town.

A 12 400-kilometer trek by a French intrepid traveler is completed in Cape Town.

9…. Social media users have widely shared footage of a mongoose and cobra fight that was recently captured in Melkbostrand:

Watch as the cobra and the mongoose fight in Melkbostrand.

8. Some of Cape Town’s most beautiful locations are perfect for planning magical evenings. In Century City’s Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden and Central Park, regular weekday screenings will be held:

The Galileo promises a movie for every fan, from thrillers to family classics.

7. A police nyala struck a 20-year-old student from the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape on Sunday, November 5 during the Springboks ‘ victory tour, causing him to reportedly pass away in hospital.

Student from Eastern Cape who was hurt during the Springbok parade passes away in the hospital.

6. On Saturday, Zo Brown and her future husband Robbie got married in a stunning outdoor ceremony in Robertson. Zo posted a few pictures from” the morning after” on Instagram on Sunday:

Look! Zo Brown and her husband are getting married in Robertson.

5. 5. Fear not, as many Cape Town hotels provide day visitors with the chance to enjoy a spot next to their swimming pool if the idea of navigating traffic to get to the city’s crowded shores does not sound appealing.

To cool off this summer, check out these six chic hotel pools in Cape Town.

4. A 41-year-old woman was shot, robbed, and pushed out of a car moments after asking for the assistance of an e-hailing driver. Police and emergency medical services were summoned to the Kenilworth filling station:

In Kenilworth, a woman was robbed, shot, and pushed from an e-hailing vehicle.

3. After Virgin Atlantic introduced its seasonal LHR-CPT service, more than 80,000 seats have been added to flights between Cape Town and London for the holiday season:

For the holiday season, the flight from London to Cape Town adds thousands of seats.

2. Voters must be aware of the 2024 elections in South Africa because they are a significant event. Here is a condensed list of all the information you require:

Elections 2024: An election voter’s manual for South Africa

1. A Bryde’s whale and a pod of dolphins can be seen acting erratically at the surface of the water off the coast of False Bay in Cape Town in the video that was posted on X:

Watch: A marine spectacle is shown in a video off the coast of Cape Town.

Screenshot taken by @the_gregdavies/ X

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