WSAR Western Cape responds to multiple incidents over the weekend

Over the course of the weekend, WSAR Western Cape has responded to numerous incidents.

Over the course of the weekend, three rescue operations were successfully completed by Wilderness Search and Rescue ( WSAR ) teams in the Western Cape.

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Lakeside Ridge Rescue 1

A 76-year-old hiker ran into trouble on Lakeside Ridge on Sunday morning. The hiker fell six meters down a steep slope after unintentionally knocking over some boulders as he descended.

Safety Mountain Tracking was contacted by the hiking companions, and WSAR teams were quickly sent to Boyes Drive as a result.

The Western Cape Department of Health & Wellness EMS/Air Mercy Service ( AMS ) offered helicopter assistance after rescuers arrived at the scene and provided first aid. Before noon, the hiker’s operation was completed after being airlifted to safety and taken to a hospital.

Jannes Reddig in the photo

East Fort, Chapman’s Peak, Rescue 2

On Saturday morning at Chapman’s Peak, a 61-year-old hiker fell after losing her balance while descending from the Blackburn Ravine Waterfall. When her group dialed the emergency number, WSAR responded right away.

The hiker was carried from the landing area to the hospital by family members after being evaluated by a paramedic. At 2:00 p.m., the incident came to an end.

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Table Mountain in Rescue 3

A hiker in her late 20s had broken her ankle at Platteklip Gorge, and on Sunday afternoon, WSAR teams were making their way to Table Mountain. At 5:26 p.m., the rescue team arrived at the hiker’s location and took her by ambulance to the hospital.

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According to WSAR spokesman David Nel, there have been more rescue operations this year than there were before Covid. He emphasized their teams ‘ willingness to help outdoor enthusiasts and urged everyone to keep their emergency contact information on hand for a prompt response.

Nel wished all patients a speedy recovery and reminded the public of the value of giving to WSAR, which is now made possible by the Back-A-Bid platform and the organization’s website.

Details of the WSAR:

    021 937 0300 is the emergency contact number.

  • Back-A-Bie for the WSAR is the donation link.
  • Support WSAR is the page where you can find it.

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