Ekurhuleni urges owners of impounded vehicles to claim them before it’s too late

Owners of seized vehicles are urged by Ekurhuleni to seize them before it’s too late.

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JOHANNESBURG- The city of Ekurhuleni has urged locals to seize their impounded vehicles before they are destroyed.

The city’s metro police department seized the vehicles for a number of offenses.

The city currently owns 735 vehicles, and in December it plans to put them up for auction.
These vehicles, according to the city, include 6 containers, 53 trailers, 14 caravan, and 582 motor vehicles.

Before their vehicles are sold, motorists with impounded vehicles have until December 11 to claim them.

According to the city, the vehicle owners should be aware that they will be responsible for any costs associated with moving and keeping the vehicles until they are collected.

It continued by saying that if the vehicles were n’t sold off, it would dispose of them however it saw fit.

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