Travel company is offering people the chance to travel the world

People are being given the opportunity to travel the world by a travel company.

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For many people, living abroad for an entire year seems like a pipe dream.

Do you have any ideas? Traveling, interacting with various cultures and people, not to mention eating!

It sounds idyllic, for sure.

Lastminute .com, a British travel company, has announced their one-year travel competition, and it sounds like the ideal opportunity to enter.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s a catch: if you live in South Africa or any other nation outside the United Kingdom, you ca n’t compete.

15 winners of the one-year travel competition will receive a year’s worth of travel.

You do n’t have to leave your job to travel, according to their LinkedIn post. We find this section to be a little confusing because it does n’t explain how the year’s worth of travel is divided.

How exactly would that work if you were working in an office and only received 15 to 21 days of leave annually?

Since there is n’t much more information on their website, we’re not sure about the finer details, but after learning that it only applies to residents of the United Kingdom, our interest in it has diminished.


However, we did learn that the vouchers are valid from January 1 through December 31, 2024.

Radio East Coast for more information

View their Instagram post that was pinned to promote the contest.

We need something similar in Mzansi, SA travel agents, so hurry up.

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Radio East Coast
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