Phala Phala: Accused relieved to no longer be breastfeeding baby in cell

Phala Phala: Charged relieved of ceasing to breastfeed the infant in the cell

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BELA BELA: One of the suspects in the farm burglary that took place in Phala is relieved that she is no longer required to breastfeed her newborn child while incarcerated.

On Friday, Froliana Joseph, a former farm cleaner for President Cyril Ramaphosa, and her brother were each released from custody at the Limpopo Bela Magistrates Court on bail of R5,000 and R10,000, respectively.

According to reports, the siblings and their accomplice Imanuwela David broke into the president’s farm in 2020 and stole$ 580,000 in cash.

The court has arranged for police to bring Froliana’s infant to her holding cell three times per day so she can breastfeed since her arrest on November 6.

Koena Matlala, Froliana’s lawyer, claimed that she and the child had found the arrangement challenging.

She is relieved that she will now go home and be with her child because she has been seeing the child as directed and most likely would n’t be happy to be apart as a mother would be. I have no further instructions, so that is all I can say.

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