Pochettino of Chelsea has faith in VAR’s” car ,” but not the” driver. “

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The video assistant referee ( VAR ) system needs to be made simpler, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino said on October 7( Reuters ), adding to the system’s criticism following a string of contentious calls.

In their 2 – 1 Premier League loss to Tottenham Hotspur last Saturday, Liverpool incorrectly disallowed a goal, according to Professional Game Match Officials Ltd, the referee group.

The VAR error, according to the Merseyside club,” undermined sporting integrity.”

” I have faith in Var.” I have faith in the vehicle but not the driver. Before his team’s trip to promoted Burnley on Friday, Pochettino told reporters that was the issue.

When VAR was first introduced, he remarked,” I was very critical from the start, many years ago.”

Using the technology to determine whether( the ball ) is offside or across the line is a wise choice, in my opinion. Then, we can debate and debate whether the referee should have more influence and final say.

The Argentine claimed that while he can sympathize with referee errors, it can be challenging to understand technological errors.

” For me, it’s about making things simpler.” Returning to giving the referee more power is the most crucial step. Pochettino continued,” I believe taking a step back might make things simpler and clearer.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, expressed his hope that the incident from last weekend will change.

Speaking before his team’s trip to Arsenal, the Spaniard urged VAR officials and referees to exercise more restraint and refrain from seeking” an Oscar” by dominating the games.

Accept it; it’s a mistake, Guardiola said. When there are human errors, it is always challenging.

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However, the machines must stay away from it. It’s down to a person at the end of the shift. Hopefully, it will end here and get better from where it started.

” VAR was implemented in order to improve the quality of our game.” Hopefully, things will improve in the future.

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