Political parties plead with SAns not to be indifferent about country’s future

Political parties beg SAns to care about the future of their nation.

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JOHANNESBURG- Political parties have urged their supporters to cast ballots in the upcoming national elections, pleading with them not to be unconcerned with the nation’s future.

While the African National Congress ( ANC ) and Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF ) have placed their leaders in Gauteng’s regions, such as Soweto, Tshwane, and Ekurhuleni, Parties like ActionSA have sent their provincial leaders to campaign and keep track of registration across the nation.

In advance of the general elections in 2024, voting locations across the nation opened this weekend for voter registration.


  • Over 23, 000 stations are open for voter registration this weekend.
  • How to sign up to vote in the general elections in 2024

It’s critical that South Africans take advantage of this chance to empower themselves by registering to vote, according to Democratic Alliance member John Steenhuisen, who will be out and about in Durban on Saturday with his daughter, a first-time voter.

” Do n’t let the status quo rule, and be not indifferent to politics.” Vote to change our nation by signing up. To participate in the mission to save South Africa, sign up to vote.

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