IFP’s Hlabisa praises political tolerance level at KZN’s registration stations

Political tolerance at KZN registration stations is praised by IFP’s Hlabisa.

Velenkosini Hlabisa, president of the DURBAN-Inkatha Freedom Party ( IFP), praised the parties ‘ political tolerance as they canvassed and rallied supporters to cast ballots in the upcoming general elections.

He claimed to have observed parties coexisting peacefully at the various voting locations he visited over the weekend, according to Eyewitness News.

Political intolerance and violence have a long history in KwaZulu-Natal ( KZN), with the latter continuing to be prevalent in the province during significant political events.

During the registration period this weekend, the province’s police had also deployed 24, 000 officers to monitor the situation.

Voter registration weekend: The KZN government urges political tolerance and peace.

At polling places Eyewitness News visited this weekend, the African National Congress ( ANC ) and the IFP were the most visible. They had camped outside to court supporters for the upcoming elections.

During the registration period, Hlabisa praised the political climate.

The political climate in the ANC, IFP, and EFF was favorable, which was good. Even when I went to greet the anc people at the table, they were singing and dancing to the same song, and they had a great attitude and spirit.

Police are still keeping a close eye on the province as the registration weekend comes to an end.

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