Mbalula promises Duncan Village community better service delivery ahead of 2024

Prior to 2024, Mbalula promises to deliver better services to the Duncan Village community.

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Fikile Mbalula, secretary-general of the EASTERN CAPE-African National Congress ( ANC), predicted that his party would undoubtedly prevail in the 2024 general elections.

On Saturday, Mbalula visited Duncan Village. In advance of the 2024 general elections, more than 23, 000 voting locations across the nation were open.


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Community members in Duncan Village greeted Mbalula with open arms while she was accompanied by Princess Faku, the mayor of Buffalo City.

Three families were visited by the delegation, who made a commitment to move them out of their current informal settlement.

Residents were also promised by Mbalula that the ruling ANC would not only deliver services and jobs, but also new homes.

People have been living here since 1984, and we’ve been telling them we need to move them. People here have said they do n’t want grants, they want to work, Mbalula said.” Baseline issues must be addressed here on a daily basis, not just for elections.

While this was going on, Electoral Commission representatives told Eyewitness News that not enough young people were responding to the call to register for the upcoming elections. One official claimed that they had mostly seen senior citizens visiting to confirm their voter status.


IEC: By Saturday at noon, more than 320, 000 people had physically registered to vote.
IEC: The goal is to encourage younger people to cast ballots.

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