Ramaphosa yet to meet with IEC to set date for 2024 polls

Ramaphosa has not yet scheduled a meeting with the IEC for 2024.

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President Cyril Ramaphosa of Johannesburg stated that he had not yet scheduled a meeting with the Electoral Commission ( IEC ) and the provinces to decide when the general elections in 2024 would take place.

It is anticipated that both the national and provincial elections will take place simultaneously.

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That is a protocol component. It is a step in the procedure. To lay out the plan, we will meet with all the stakeholders, including the IEC. There will be a set election date.

Ramaphosa stated that the ongoing voter registration, which began earlier on Saturday, was his current area of focus.

” We’re here today because we want more and more people to sign up.” They are free to support any party they choose, but the ANC, the African National Congress, is certain to win, not just in Gauteng but across the board. The ANC consistently disproves the doomsayers ‘ claims that we wo n’t succeed.

During the voter registration drive, Chiawelo resident Ramaphosa says,” Too late.”

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