Ramaphosa: Israel, Hamas must be held accountable

Ramaphosa: Israel and Hamas must answer for their actions.

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On Tuesday afternoon, he presided over a remarkable gathering of the BRICS group of countries.

President Ramaphosa claimed in his speech to the BRICS group that Israel and Hamas have broken international law by acting over the past 1.5 months.

He claimed that Hamas must be held accountable for its Israeli attack, which resulted in the deaths of more than 200 people and the kidnapping of hostages.

Ramaphosa reprimanded Israel as well, claiming that by using force illegally, it had collectively punished the people of Palestine.

The UN Charter, the Geneva Convention, and its protocols all state that Israel’s actions are blatant violations of international law. Hamas must be held accountable for breaking international law by attacking civilians and kidnapping people.

The atrocities we have seen mark the culmination of a painful history marked by more than 75 years of suffering, oppression, occupation, and conflict.

This was a war crime, he said.

He has also been charged with genocide by Israel for purposefully denying Gazans access to medicine, fuel, food, and water.

We demand an immediate and total ceasefire as SouthAfrica. Second, humanitarian corridors should be opened so that everyone in need can access aid and other essential services. Third, all nations must exercise restraint and refrain from escalating this conflict, including by cutting off the parties ‘ access to weapons.

The release of all civilian hostages is the fourth. Fifth, the United Nations-facilitated continuation of a comprehensive dialogue that is run and owned by Israelis and Palestinians.

The deployment of a UN Rapid Deployment Force to Palestine with the responsibility of monitoring the end of hostilities and defending civilians comes in at number six. Last but not least, the International Criminal Court should swiftly launch legal action against those responsible for war crimes.

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All those who have been impacted by this violence in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank are in the president’s thoughts and prayers, he said.

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