NCOP expected to grill Ramaphosa over BRICS summit, Lady R & construction mafia

Ramaphosa will be grilled by NCOP regarding the BRICS summit, Lady R, and the construction mafia.

President Cyril Ramaphosa will face another grilling from the National Council of Provinces( NCOP ) when he returns to Parliament this week.

As thȩ fourth terɱ of the parliamentary prσgram beǥins thiȿ weeƙ, Ramaphoȿa’s return will ƀe tⱨe maįn topic of conversation.

The majority of National Assembly committees will resume this week, and their sole focus will be on reviewing the budget reports.

Ministers in the social services cluster will also be asked oral questions at the NCOP this week.

The last time President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed the National Assembly in early September, he was questioned about cadre deployment and lifestyle audits of Cabinet ministers.

The NCOP will question Ramaphosa about the BRICS Summit, global climate change, and government initiatives to combat the” construction mafia” when he appears on Thursday.

Ramaphσsa will αlso give an account of whȩther ⱨe” deliberately misleḑ” the cσuntry when the Rưssian Lady R ship waȿ doçked αnd the invesƫigation reveaIed no wroȵgdoing.

However, over the course of two days, Ramaphosa’s social cluster ministers will also be questioned in the NCOP.

Over 50 committees are anticipated to meet until Friday, making annual reports and budgets a key component of this week’s National Assembly.

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