Five Eskom generating units expected to return to service: Ramokgopa

Ramokgopa, five Eskom generating units, are anticipated to resume service.

JOHANNESBURG- Due to the anticipated return of five generating units to service, South Africans will have to wait until Sunday night for a break in load shedding.

Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, the minister of electricity, updated the nation’s power grid earlier on Sunday.

This occurred following the utility’s early-morning ramp-up of load shedding to Stage3.

He claimed that the previous two weeks had been disappointing because some generating units had broken down, necessitating the implementation of higher load shedding stages.

Ramokgopa also stated that the grid’s generation capacity of 2, 000 megawatts was lost as a result of the offline units.

” Unit 6 at Kendal, we lost Medupi Unit 6- a big unit, Duvha again on November 11, Hendrina again, and DIVHA 6 once more, November 14″

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