DA on 2024: Retain WC, coalition in KZN, GP ‘but crucially, bring ANC below 50%’

Remain WC, coalition in KZN, and GP in 2024, but most importantly, bring ANC below 50 %.

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Whip Siviwe Gwarube of the Democratic Alliance ( DA ), which lost five seats in the National Assembly following the 2019 elections, claimed that the party had learned some difficult lessons.

On Saturday, Gwarube traveled to Cape Town with Alan Winde, the party’s Western Cape Premier, to promote the cause and encourage young people to cast ballots.

” Increasing our share of the vote in the Western Cape also affects what we are able to do nationally, but we must set the bar for good governance so that people here can continue to vote.”


  • Before the 2024 polls, the DA and ANC’s voter margins “have never been so close,” according to Zille

  • State of South Africa justification for voter registration- Steenhuisen

  • Simmers, who was just elected, wants DA to win the WC with a two-thirds majority in 2024.

The DA claimed on Saturday that, based on its own internal polling, it was only seven percentage points behind the African National Congress ( ANC), with 32 % of voters supporting it as opposed to 39 %.

” We want to make sure that we keep the Western Cape, that our government is coalition-based in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, and possibly another province, but most importantly that the ANC is under 50 %.”

This, according to Gwarube, would also increase the DA’s influence over legislation.

” It would mean a great deal in terms of things like what we can do in Parliament, the laws we pass, and the resolutions we are able to pass once those numbers reflect,” for example.

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