Water, power blow for Durban North residents

Residents of Durban, North, receive a water and power blow.

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On Thursday night, a main feeder substation caught fire, leaving the suburb in complete darkness.

It might take days to fully restore electricity, Councillor Shontel De Boer has issued a warning.

She claims that in Greenwood Park and Redhill, some residents have since switched to mini-substations.

I went to the on-fire electrical substation this morning and made a mistake there. As a result, the entire Durban North region, from Riverside Road all the way to Virginia, was essentially damaged and affected by the fire.

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It will take days, not hours, to fix it, based on what we observed there and what the official told us. Fortunately, they will switch others while they are fixing. “”

Water outages are also occurring in the region.

It takes up to 12 hours, and sometimes even longer, because the water is now being consumed by those in high-line areas as it passes through systems. This is due to the fact that water was turned off yesterday morning. “”

The closing has a negative impact on some of us; The municipality was forced to close the valve in order to prevent anyone from having access to water. “”

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