Durban residents warned of 18-hour water shutdown

Residents of Durban were forewarned of an 18-hour water outage.

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According to uMngeni-uThukela Water, the planned maintenance is a component of efforts to fix infrastructure that was harmed by the floods last year.

The shutdown should continue until 8 p.m. that evening, according to Siyabonga Maphumulo of the utility.

This was done to make room for the removal of a steel plate that had been put in place on Aqueduct 2 to stop water flow while repairs were being made.

A double isolation facility will be installed as part of the shutdown so that the contractor carrying out the repairs can keep working on the Aqueduct until it is recommissioned in December of this year.

The goal of uMngeni-uThukela’s maintenance shutdown is to reduce the likelihood of significant water outages before the busy holiday season begins.

According to Maphumulo, there will be water shortages and low water pressure in some areas.

” We urge the public to use water sparingly and postpone activities that require additional water, such as washing cars, watering gardens, or filling swimming pools during this time, in order to minimize this impact.”

The following areas will be impacted:

1. Reservoirs and areas were supplied by the Northern Aqueduct.

HL Zone Aloes Reservoir

Court Town Place, Pomegranate Road, an avocado grove, a tiger lily place, street 128844, shale road, sandy road; ridge place; forest close; street 1208845; Street 120847; St. 12051; and Street 12052 are all examples of these locations.

Phoenix 1 HL zone reservoir

Bishop gate road, Pillar gate, Landsgate Place, Risegate place, and Restgate road are all mentioned.

HL zone Mount Moriah Phoenix 6 Reservoir:

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Simunye Avenue, Eleka Road, Mount Moriah Drive, Mela Street, Zinza Place, Rainbow Streets, and Umkhutu Place are also mentioned.

HL zone Kwa Mashu 1 Reservoir

Sections K, J, L, M, F, G, P, H, and N Kwa Mashu in the Siyanda region

Kwa Mashu 2 HL zone reservoir

A, B, C, D, E, F, and G Sections KwaMashu make up the Siyanda Area.

Kwa Mashu 3 HL zone and Reservoir zone:

Sections L and N of Kwa Mashu

HL and LL zones of the Ntuzuma Reservoir:

Richmond Farm; Ntuzuma A, B, F, and C sections

HL zone for Newlands 1 reservoir:

Westridge, Castlehill, and a portion of Elsfield Drive

Reservoir HL zone in Newlands 3:

East of Newlands region

Zone of Effingham Reservoir:

High level area near the reservoir site called Effingham

Zone of Mountview Reservoir:

Parkgate, riet River, and Brindhavan Mountview South Ridge

Reservoir zone Trenance 1:

Dawncrest, Oaklands, Suriya Heights, Sarna Township, Groenberg Farm, D57002 Road, Buffelsdraai, Hilltop Drive, Redcliffe Temple Area, Madronna drive, Bottle Brush Drive. Valley View Drive

Zone of Phoenix 2 Reservoir:

The following cities are in Sunford: Hannaford; Phoenix Highway: Longcroft; Longbury: Plaza; Southbury; Eastbury, Grove End; Sastri Park; Caneside; Cacanehaven; Woodview;

Zone of Ambleside Reservoir:

Glenashley, La Lucia Mall, and Las Vegas

Zone with beachway reservoirs:

Glenashley, Durban North, and Beachway

Zone of Sea Cow Lake Reservoir:

Sea Cow Lake, Parlock, Springfield Industrial, Riverside, Kenville, and Newlands East are all examples.

Zone of Phoenix 5 reservoirs:

Ottawa, Palmview, Trenance Park, Cornubia, and Woodview

Tower and Sunningdale Reservoir:

Sunningdale, Umhlanga, La Lucia Ridge, Glenashly, and Glen Anil are also mentioned.

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Zone of the Gateway Reservoir:

Inlet Gateway

Zone of the Umhlanga 2 reservoir:

Blackburn village, Prestondale, Ilala Ridge, Hawaan Etates, and Umhlanga Manors are all in the Uhlunga region.

Zone of Umhlanga North Reservoir:

CBD umhlanga

2. Reservoirs and areas were supplied by the Southern Aqueduct.

Reservoir zones 1 and 2 in Northdene:

Malvern, Queensburgh, and Northdene

3 PS Northdene

Klaawwater, Savanah Park, Nagina, Kwasanti, Mawelwele, Demat, Luganda, Intake Road, and other locations

Reservoir zone at Chatsworth 1:


Reservoir zone in Chatsworth 2:


Reservoir zone 3 in Chatsworth:


Reservoir zone for Chatsworth 4:

East, West, Montford, Risecliffe, Arena Park, Moorton, Crossmoor, Woodhurst, Shallcross, and Welbedagt

Zone of the Klaarwater Reservoir:


Harinager ( reservoir has 48 hours of adequate storage; no anticipated outages )

Firwood 1 & 2

Ridley Park ( reservoir has 48 hours of adequate storage; no anticipated outages )

Westcliff ( Reservoir has 48 hours of adequate storage; no anticipated outages )

Zone of Umlazi 2 Res:

Sections H, J, C, P, N, W, G, and F by Umlazi

Zone 1 of Umlazi:

Sections A, B, C, D, E, T, S, and V of Umlazi

Zone 1A Res of Umlazi:


Zone of Umlazi 3 Res:

Sections J, K, and L of the Umlazi

Zone 4 Res Umlazi

Sections A, Z, Q, U, Y, and Malukazi of the Umlazi

Zone of Umlazi 5 Res:

Sections Z, A-A, and B-B of the Umlazi

Zone of Umlazi 6 Res:

CC Umlazi

Zone 1 Res Ensimbini:

Golkodo, Nsimbini

Zone 1 of Folweni:


Zone of Folweni 2 Res:


3. Reservoirs and areas were supplied by Pinetown South.

PS from St. Wendolin

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Savanah Park, Kwasanti

Res zone for Washington Heights:


Res Zone for Intake Road:

Demat, Welbedatch West, Luganda, Mawelwele, Intake Road

4. Westville Reservoirs, Southern Aqueduct, and Supplied Areas ( Intermittent Supply )

Zone of Salisbury Reservoir:

Pavillion, Westwood, and Westville East

Zone of Lea Drive Reservoir:

Central Westville

Zone of Dawncliffe Reservoir:


Zone of Mountain Ridge Reservoir:

North Westville


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